Are you ready to take health tracking to the next level?

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Using a few drops of blood from the tip of your finger, or a urine sample, we can tell you how healthy you really are.

It's more accurate than counting your steps & calories.



Sign up online & receive a sampling kit in the post with easy-to-follow instructions



Return the sample kit in the prepaid package supplied



View your unique results and tailored feedback online, anywhere.

Discover if you're on track

Track your fitness

Getting in shape? Connect your Fitness trackers and smart scales with our blood & urine markers to unlock personalised and accurate health insights.

Prevent diabetes & Heart Disease

Discover if your metabolism is showing signs of health or disease. Our unique scientifically proven markers paint a personalised picture of what metabolic diseases lie ahead due to your lifestyle.

Reverse Diabetes & heart disease

Learn how to achieve type 2 diabetes reversal. Monitor the effects of your diet, exercise and medication... Are they helpful or harmful?

What Our Costumers say

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service! Was a bit daunting taking my own blood but the instructions were easy to follow and the results arrived quickly 🙂

Lizzie Thompson (demo)

I track my steps daily with my Fitbit but I find the info a bit impersonal. It's amazing to learn what my health is inside & out. Can't wait to see my progress from the next sample

Emma Velasquez (demo)

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